Why us?

We understand Not for Profit Organisations

We work with many small and large not for profit organisations from all around Australia to build, host, develop and support their CiviCRM and/or DEX Reporting requirements inline with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Australian Focused

All of your organisational data is hosted and managed in Australia on our own servers, where data isn’t disclosed to overseas recipients. We use Cloudflare Web Application Firewall to further enhance the security and monitoring of the systems we host.

Backups, Insurances & Disaster Recovery

DevApp perform hourly database and full daily backups. DevApp have professional indemnity and cyber insurances. We replicate your data to multiple data centres in Australia and have a business continuity site ready to host your system should the primary data centre become unavailable. 

DEX Experts

We are extremely knowledgable integrating different CRMs with our DEX Reporter including SalesForce and CiviCRM. We will make your DEX Reporting experience simple and painless with our live integration. Say good bye to spreadsheets and manually finding errors in your data!

CiviCRM Fixed Monthly Hosting, Support and Update Cost

We provide CiviCRM hosting and monthly upgrades for a fixed monthly cost. Some plans include development to ensure your custom CiviCRM extensions continue to work with each new CiviCRM security release.

Extensive CiviCRM knowledge and Customisations

We have developed many complex CiviCRM extensions such as case management workflows, event/course management, case/activity invoicing, contact alerts, custom sms gateways, custom reports and many more extensions! Book a demonstration today.

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