We build, host and support innovative web based software through collaboration and leadership.

DevApp are an innovative team of Software Developers based in Adelaide, Australia. We work with Purpose Driven Organisations around Australia to embrace technology in the age of digital disruption and automation.

We work with small and large organisations from around Australia to build, host, develop and support their CRM(s) and web sites inline with the Australian Privacy Principles. All data is hosted and managed in Australia by our Australian based staff, where data isn’t disclosed to overseas recipients. Our clients range from small not for profit organisations with limited funding, to publicly listed companies which require a higher level of legal compliance. DevApp aims to work with predictable costs and transparently through our Managed Hosting and Support Plans. Our staff also have the required Government checks to work within the disability, child care, and aged care sectors.

DevApp specialise in developing and implementing open source web technologies such as CiviCRMWordPress and Drupal. We extend these open source platforms using best practice methodologies, so the platforms meet your organisational processes and workflows. We host and manage these technologies on our own cluster of servers spanning multiple data centres, where databases are backed up every hour and servers replicated offsite periodically. We also hold the required insurances required by our clients to meet their own compliance obligations. 

We build a range of custom web applications, such as our DSS (DEX) Reporter. The Reporter enable organisations to easily report to Australian Government automatically from their existing CRM, without the investment and risks of building your own software.

Our Iterative Processes Help Organisations Innovate

We work with clients from all around Australia. Talk with us today and we'll help you find a solution.