Your Open Source CRM

DevApp CRMs are powered by the open source CiviCRM customer relationship management software available from We are experts in deploying, customising, configuring, supporting, data migration, training and developing your CiviCRM system.

Message Media SMS plugin for CiviCRM

Send SMS messages from CiviCRM using MessageMedia. MessageMedia do not disclose data to overseas recipients or store SMS data overseas.

DSS DEX Reporter

DevApp have developed DSS Reporting Software which enables organisations to report their instances of service from their existing Database, Excel or CSV files to the DEX Data Exchange.

Data Extractor Middleware

DevApp have build a middleware product that connects two otherwise separate applications and helps facilitate data exchanges between them. The Data Extractor helps our DSS Reporter extract real-time data any CRM or Cloud Services.  Let us help you automate your reporting for new or existing programs. 

Client, Event and Members Portals

We build fully integrated web sites / portals that enable your clients to engage with you securely online. This saves time on manual processes and duplication, enabling you to better focus on your mission and not administration.

We build, host and support web based software through collaboration and leadership.

Our Iterative Processes Help Organisations Innovate


We discuss the objectives, process, risks and the clear conditions of success.


We work together to achieve the objectives set in the planning phase.


We verify the outputs meet the agreed acceptance conditions decided during the planning phase. 


We reflect on outcomes and start a new plan.

News and Updates