Simplify your Reporting

Generate error-free BULK DEX or MDS2 upload files and accompanying Excel reports to easily meet your internal and external reporting requirements.

The DevApp Reporter enables organisations to report their instances of service and client information from their existing Database, to the Data Exchange System (DEX) platform or the Minimum Data Set (MDS2) authority in your state.

The DevApp Reporter is web/cloud based application and can be used in conjunction with your existing Client Relationship Management system. With our MDS2/DEX Reporter, your organisation will always be up to date with the latest technical reporting standards without any huge development.

DevApp MDS2/DSS Reporter

Automatic Validation

The Reporter automatically validates all client data against the DSS specifications. The reporter also identifies zero totals and poor quality data to reduce administration errors. Easily find and fix your errors prior to submission.

Meet your funding agreements

Track your service delivery targets against your funding agreements. No more last minute submissions wondering how your organisation is tracking - Know your delivery targets are being met at any time during the reporting period.

Live Integration

Populate with data from any Client Relationship Management System in real-time.

Work Anywhere

The Reporter is web based, so you can work anywhere, any time without having to install software on your computer.

Export to Excel

Reports can be downloaded in Excel format for easier analysis and internal business reporting.

Security and Privacy First

Our Reporter can anonymise client data in real-time to meet security and privacy requirements, so client identifiable data never leaves your premises. Our DEX Reporter is hosted Australia on DevApp servers, and compiled reports automatically delete themselves after several days, so we are not storing your client data longer than required.

Data Extractor Middleware

Our Reporter works with your existing CRM or Cloud Services

Our Reporter can pull data out of your existing database/CRM/CMS in real time. We've built connectors for GeoOp, Carelink+, AlayaCare, CiviCRM, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access Databases and SalesForce.

We can build new connectors, or work with your existing software provider to implement them.

Report Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-Annually

You can easily generate monthly or 6-month reports, or define your own custom reporting periods to suit your own workflows.

More Agile Reporting

Easily compile all reports at once, or only the individual reports you need with a few clicks. Only the minimum data required to build the reports is imported from your existing CRM.

Easily Map your Activities/Sessions/Visits to MDS2/DEX Service Types

We've built in setup tools so you can map your existing data into DEX outlets/MDS2 service IDs and service types without changing the way you work. You can create reports grouped by business area, service types or any combination to suit your workflow(s).

User Management

Be self sufficient. Setup your staff to run their own reports and fix validation errors prior to submission, enable program managers to control their service mappings and system administrators to modify the connector queries without assistance from DevApp.

Up to Date Address Matching

Address data is constantly changing. Our reporter automatically validates addresses using the latest Australia Post address data, which we update quarterly.

Australia Post Address Data

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