CiviCRM MessageMedia Extension

MessageMedia is Australia’s #1 SMS Provider. DevApp has built an SMS extension that integrates with CiviCRM, allowing you to use a secure message gateway where all SMS data is stored and processed in Australia. CiviCRM can send and receive SMS messages and log them as activities against new or existing contacts. This requirement is essential for businesses and organisations that need to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles and not disclose data to overseas recipients or store data overseas.

Message Media SMS plugin for CiviCRM
SMS Message Media setup is easy

Easy Setup

Setting up MessageMedia as a new SMS provider in CIviCRM is easy. Add the CiviCRM extension. Then add a new SMS provider, paste in your api_key and api_password (generated from the MessageMedia Dashboard), and you are now ready to send messages.

Step 1

Sign up for a Message Media account. Message Media are offering a 10% discount for not for profits using this CiviCRM extension and the signup link above.

Step 2

Download and install the CiviCRM extension by navigating to the CiviCRM extensions directory within CiviCRM: Administator -> System Settings -> Extensions -> Add New (Tab) -> Install MessageMedia

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