What is CiviCRM?

CiviCRM is an open-source CRM designed for not for profit organisations. The “C” in CRM stands for a Contact, Constituent, Client or Customer – Pretty much any individual, organisation or household that you engage with. CiviCRM allows you to track the relationships between these contacts and engage with them in a single system that handles Membership, Email Marketing, Events, Case Management, Advocacy, Peer to Peer fundraising and much more….

Contact Management

Say good bye to working from spreadsheets and silos. Instead, CiviCRM enables you to store all of your contact information in one, searchable place. You can capture any data you would like to collect. For example: Create police check clearance fields for volunteers, or record preferences for targeted email campaigns.

CiviCRM Contact Dashboard

Integrates into your web site

CiviCRM integrates into WordPress, Drupal or Joomla – Three popular  and open source web site content management systems. CiviCRM can display online forms on your web site, to enable your customers to register online for events, perform membership signup and renewals, submit online enquiries, make payments, update personal information and more.

Activity Management

Create your own activity types

Create different activity types to track the different services your organisation provides. Collect specific data related to each activity type which helps simplify your internal and external reporting.

Automate Workflows

Your contacts can fill out online forms which will create activities for you, and your staff can create, schedule and follow up activities.

CiviCRM Activity Management

Work Anywhere

CiviCRM is web based, so you can work anywhere, any time without having to install software on your computer.

Easy Reporting

Easily generate detailed activity reports showing how well your organisation is performing. Reports can be printed to PDF or imported in Excel.

CiviCRM integrates with our DEX Reporter

Easily report CiviCRM Cases, Activities, Events, Surveys, Contributions to DEX without manual (double) data entry.

DSS DEX Reporter

Membership Management

Online Membership Forms

Your members can signup and renew online through your web site or members portal. Members can make payment via a range of payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, eWay and invoices (direct deposit).

Automate Memberships Signup and Renewals

Your members can signup or renew online, reducing the administration time.

Automated Reminders

CiviCRM can be automatically send reminders encouraging members to renew. Reminders can be configured based on membership expiry dates and membership status.

Membership Reporting

Easily generate detailed membership reports showing your members, their status and payment information. Reports can be printed to PDF or imported in Excel.

Unified View

Easily view and manage memberships from a contact's record.

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