Client, Event and Members Portals

DevApp Members Portal

DevApp specialise in building online members portals. Your organisation can engage and organise your clients online without licence fees per user. Focus on your mission and not administration.

Our portals can be customised to reflect your organisation branding and unique mission. You can update the style, layout and content of the portal using a drop and drag web site builder. Your clients can register online for events and conferences, fill out forms online, apply for grants or volunteering opportunities, make online donations, sign a petition or manage their membership(s) online… and much more!

Features include:

Event and Conference Registration

Manage both simple and complicated registration processes including:

  • Self-registration for participants, including online credit card payments
  • Tracking sign-ups, cancellations, and attendance
  • Promotion of your events on your website
  • Streamline event set-up for similar, recurring events with event templates
  • Participant check in on-site at the event from any computer with an internet connection

Membership Management

Automate your membership management:

  • Define membership types and pricing schemes that meet your needs
  • Automatic membership approval processes through confirming members with existing members or industry peers i.e. Lecturers.
  • Create self-service options for online membership sign-up and renewal, utilising CiviContribute
  • Manage memberships manually through the administrative interface
  • Create and schedule automated messages to welcome new members, remind about upcoming renewal, etc.
  • Generate membership reports
  • Restrict content to members only!

Manage Donations and Grants

Record and report on financial and in-kind contributions to your organisation:

  • Accept donations and other financial or in-kind contributions
  • Accept and manage fees and online payments using Credit Cards, Paypal, Stripe or eWay.
  • Run specific fundraising campaigns
  • Let your supporters fundraise for you through personalised campaign pages
  • Report and evaluate fundraising results and trends
  • Allow users to register for grants online

Sophisticated Online Forms

Create sophisticated online forms and automate complex business processes:

  • Create sophisticated online forms where data is automatically entered into your CRM.
  • Allow your clients to update their own information and related contacts.
  •  Stop manual form based processes and double data entry.

Case Management

Create, manage, and track simple or sophisticated case management workflows:
  • Easily manage interactions, such as recording the results of a phone or an evaluation.
  • Track a complex sequence of interactions, communications or workflows.
  • Automatically capture case information  through online forms.
  • Manage case timelines, roles and activity types through flexible configuration and reporting.


Build advocacy campaigns that track the progress of a campaign’s events, mailings, activities, and contributions:
  • Create surveys and petitions
  • Record responses to surveys and petitions
  • Link activity such as donations, mailings and events to a particular campaign
  • Track who has voted using

Configurable Reporting

Reporting helps your organisation to evaluate its impact and achieve its mission. Sometimes this is a requirement for funders or other stakeholders:

  • Create, run and schedule reports based on the data you have about your contacts and their interactions with your organisation.
  • Easily create your own reports by selecting the data and filters required.
  • Make real-time dashboards.
  • Export reporting data to PDF or CSV.

Bulk Mail Outs

Handle your mass email campaigns. Send high volumes of targeted emails to your clients and produce detailed reports on the results and effectiveness of those emails.:

  • Personalise emails
  • Import & export email mailing lists
  • Use email templates
  • A/B testing
  • Schedule mailings
  • Segment your list
  • Email statistics
  • Check open rates, and click-through rates
  • Monitor bounce rates and unsubscribes

Manage Volunteers

Manage, signup and tracking volunteers:

  • Define many volunteer projects.
  • Define specific volunteer opportunities for each project with distinct roles and shifts.
  • Allow volunteers to
    sign up for specific opportunities or express a general interest in volunteering!
  • Manually assign volunteers to shifts
  • Log and report on volunteer hours
  • Allow potential volunteers to search and register online for volunteer opportunities.

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