CiviCRM Membership Calculator

CiviCRM Membership Calculator

The CiviCRM Membership Calculator will enable dynamic membership pricing in CiviCRM, based on user defined business rules.

When the first rule matches for the membership type, the calculated membership price will be automatically applied to the membership.

Rule order can be easily changed by dropping and dragging each row into the required order.


Calculate Membership Prices using Simple Forumlas


The membership price can be dynamically calculated using basic math operations.

The variables I [Annual Income/Turnover] and P [Base Membership Price] can be used to perform complicated calculations such as:

  • Charge the client a percentage of their annual income
  • Charge the client a percentage of the base membership price
  • Override membership price

For example:

  • I * 0.01 = 1% of most recent organisation income.

A minimum and maximum price can be specified, ensuring the calculated price will never exceed these these limits.

CiviCRM membership calculator rule conditions

Easily Create Business Rules

Business Rules can be created based on Annual Turnover or Membership Conditions.

CiviCRM Membership Calculator conditions

Create Business Rules based on Membership Conditions

CiviCRM Membership Conditions

Create business rules based on memberships scenarios such as:

  • The client must have another membership (can be inherited from a parent membership)
  • The client must have been a member for a defined period
  • The client must not have another membership of a certain type

Create Business Rules based on Annual Turnover

Create business rules based on annual turnover scenarios such as:

  • The client or organisation turnover must be greater than the defined amount.
  • The client or organisation turnover must be lower than the defined value.

Individual rules can be combined to create more sophisticated rules such as:

  • The client or organisation turnover must be greater, but not less than the defined value.

CiviCRM client must meet annual turn over / income conditions

Record Organisation Income and History

Record organisation annual income and history

Record individual or organisational annual income for reporting and calculation purposes. This is viewable on the client record by clicking the “Annual Turnover” tab.

Clicking the “Membership Calculator” tab will show the membership calculations which will/have been applied to the client memberships at signup or renewal.

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