Electronic Job Costings Management for CiviCRM

HMMS electronic work file form with electronic signature and attachments

After creating a job or case within CiviCRM using the CiviCRM Work Order functionality, the Work Order form will become available to your staff. The Work Order Form provides job information field staff including:

  • Client information
  • Job details
  • Materials required
  • Notes
  • Attachments

The CiviCRM Work Order Form is designed for mobile tablets, enabling a digital workforce.

Any PDF attachments that have been uploaded to the job are automatically converted to clickable thumbnails on the Work Order Form. When clicked, the thumbnails enlarge to display the full size image. The image can be further enlarged using the pinch feature on most mobile touch screens. This enables field workers to view complex diagrams or photographs relevant to the job, without the need to print them.


View Documents as Digital Attachments

When the attachment icon is clicked on the CiviCRM Work Order Form, the attachment enlarges to be displayed at full screen browser size. This allows a digital workforce to view diagrams and photos without having to print them.

Multiple attachments can be viewed by clicking the left and right arrows to toggle between the images. Attachments can also be enlarged by using the “pinch to zoom” functionality on mobile tablets.


Electronic Signatures on Job Completion

Once the Job has been completed, the client can electronically sign the CiviCRM Work Order Form by signing the tablet with a touch screen. The signature will be saved with a date/time/job number watermark against the job in CiviCRM.


Electronic Tax Invoicing

automatically generate tax invoices

Tax Invoices are automatically generated from the CiviCRM Work Costing Management. Invoices are optimised to print on a single A4 page.

Electronic Job Costing Management

Easily update the CiviCRM Job Costings Form with by selecting items from the drop down list. This list of items is customisable per organisation. The prices can also be overwritten for the Job by updating the rate field for the item.

When the CiviCRM Job Costings Form is saved, the contribution record for the client will be updated with the Job Costing information. Payments can be received and applied to the CiviCRM contribution.

CiviCRM HMMS Electronic Job Costing Management

MDS2 and DEX Integration

DEX Reporter example for MyAgedCare service provider

The CiviCRM Job Costing information is integrated with our DEX Reporter or MDS2 Reporter for simple, hassle free reporting.


This module has been developed in conjunction with Brian from LCD Consulting.

This module has been developed over many years to meet evolving organisational requirements. Chat with LCD Consulting or DevApp to implement this module for your organisation.

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