Turn ActiveCollab into a Helpdesk

ActiveCollab is a fantastic project management tool which enables companies to stay organised when they have out grown email. In ActiveCollab 5, the help desk features were removed, meaning that customers can no longer email a central email address to create a task. Our AC Importer turns ActiveCollab back into a help desk. Check any IMAP or POP3 mail account and create ActiveCollab tasks, projects and users automatically.

Create Task

DevApp have developed the ActiveCollab Importer which enables your organisation to use ActiveCollab 5 like a help desk again. Your customers can send an email to central email address i.e. Support@yourdomain.com.au, and our importer will automatically create tasks, users and projects in ActiveCollab.

The ActiveCollab Importer is available for a low monthly licence fee which hosting, support, bug fixes and maintenance.


Check IMAP or POP3 email accounts for new email messages. Create filters to turn these messages into tasks, users and projects automatically.

Smart Rules

Create new projects, companies and users automatically when an existing rule does not exist - Ensuring all communication in managed in one place even if the user, project or company hasn't been previously setup in ActiveCollab.

Active Collab Email Helpdesk Importer

Create New Users

ActiveCollab normally rejects emails from an unknown users even if they have projects setup. The AC importer can create new users automatically based on smart rules like domain matching, and assign tasks to existing projects.

Create and Order Filters

When the ActiveCollab Importer receives a message, the first matching filter is applied to the message. Drop and drag the filters to easily change their order.

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