Is now one month, since the first round of reporting to the Department of Social Services (DSS) was due, using the Data Exchange (DEX) platform.

Our clients achieved their reporting deadlines by Saturday 30 July 2016 and even managed to avoid the DSS portal outage! DevApp helped tens of clients report hundreds of thousands of instances of service to DSS for the six-month period and we’re extremely proud of the DEX Reporter we’ve built. We had to re-engineer the DEX Reporter several times to handle the massive amount clients, cases and sessions and we still have more improvements planned.

Our DEX Reporter identified data validation errors prior to submission, ensuring a simplified bulk upload process. Our DEX Reporter synchronised data with client database for a hassle free reporting proces. Our reporter can extract data in real-time from databases including Filemaker, GeoOp, Carelink, TCM, CiviCRM, MS SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access and more.

Thankfully, DevApp’s customers have provided ideas on how the DEX Reporter can be improved and we’re actively working to improve the DEX Reporter.  The product roadmap includes one-click submission to DSS, meaning clients won’t have to login to the DSS portal to submit their reports in the next reporting period.

Need to simplify your DSS reporting?

If your organisation has DEX Reporting requirements, we can help.  Our DSS Reporter is available with a “software as a service” approach. This means no hosting, no updates and no complex hosting requirements – All for a low monthly fee. The DEX Reporter is compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles, and we can ensure all data leaving your client premises or database is anonymised for reporting purposes. Our reporter is completely streamlined eliminating the need for spreadsheets, CSV files and manual data checking.