CiviCRM version 4.7 is due for release on January 27th 2016. This version is a major release of CiviCRM and includes the following new features:

New Text Editor

  • CKEditor is an industry standard WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor. CiviCRM forms and other components will use this new text editor:
    CiviCRM CKEditor Example

De-duplication improvements

  • Optimisations for identifying and merging duplicate contacts.

CiviCRM Administration status page

  • This page checks the overall health of your CiviCRM installation from a server perspective.
  • The status page checks if the cron job is running, so mail outs, payments and automatic events are triggered.
  • The status page ensures server modules required for CiviCRM to run are installed by your hosting provider.
  • The status page also ensures permissions are set correctly for your CiviCRM installation and mail settings have been configured.

Payment Processing

  • Support for token-based recurring payments.
  • Tokens allows your payment gateway provider (Eway, Stripe, etc) to store the credit card and provide CiviCRM with a token that it can use for re-billing purposes, without storing the credit card data.

Improved Reporting

  • Improved contribution and activity reports.

API improvements

  • Support for custom_fields as filters on the API.

If you’re on a DevApp Managed Service Plan, your CiviCRM installation will be upgraded automatically to the latest release once we’ve tested it on your site and made sure everything is working per our standard workflow testing.