CiviCRM Cloud Hosting with Managed Support

You will have your own Australian based IT department that support, host and develop your web site and CRM without the associated costs or risks of doing it yourself. DevApp are software developers at heart – We run our own servers and write our own code, so we can take full responsibility to fix issues and deliver quality code using best practice methodologies. We manage security updates, server upgrades and continuously monitor your site for downtime. Rather than spent huge sums of money on your own systems, you can continuously develop your system as your organisational requirements grow for a fixed monthly cost.

Manage Your Compliance

We can host sensitive and business information under the Australian Privacy Act where your data won't leave Australia. As a rule, we don't disclose your application data to overseas recipients, or allow overseas people to access your your data. We also have insurances generally required by most Australian public sector organisations to meet their partner compliance requirements.

Fixed Price Certainty

Cloud Services can be expensive and don't provide operating cost certainty. Our monthly costs are fixed, so we can delivered everything you need (support, training, development, hosting) for a fixed cost.

Security Updates

Upgrading should not be stressful. DevApp can keep your WordPress, CiviCRM, Joomla and Drupal installations up to date with the latest security patches and new features. As we manage multiple web sites, we develop fixes to common fixes upgrade issues more quickly. We also have the skills to fix any coding issues that result from upgrades.

Automatic Website Exploit Scanning

We routinely scan all accounts for common exploits and hacks, and our systems automatically scan file changes and remove hacks as they occur in realtime.

Hourly Backups

The age old saying is you haven't backed up multiple times to multiple places, you don't have a backup. Alot can happen in an hour. People work anywhere, any time. Our business continuity plan requires that we backup all databases once per hour, and take full daily backups. We also backup each server once per day.

Send Mass Mailouts

We understand people use CiviCRM and other CMS plugins to send legitimate mass mail outs to their customers. Unlike other hosts, you can send mass mail outs using our servers. Our servers have an excellent spam reputation and we proactively monitor bulk mailouts from our server in real time to keep it that way. This will help you save money by not paying subscriptions with services like Mailchimp when using CiviCRM.

Australian Server, Support and Performance

We manage our own cluster of physical servers in Australia, backed by our Australian support team. This allows us to take full control over issues like speed, configuration and performance.


Each plan has a 3 month term. Upgrade and downgrade as your needs change. Go on a higher plan for a block of development, then downgrade your plan to save on costs. You can also use three months of Development hours in a block for a larger piece of Development work.

Agile Software Development

Our Managed Service Plans are designed to deliver our services more quickly and affordably than traditional software development methods like waterfall and paying by the hour. Your organisation can continually adapt to rapid change, whilst maintaining predictable monthly costs.

Business Continuity

We backup all databases hourly and continuously replicate servers offsite. We have disaster recovery systems and networks in place should something happen to our primary data, so we can quickly restore your CRM and business operations should a disaster scenario occur.

We are located in Adelaide, and work with clients from all around Australia. Talk with us today and we'll help you find a solution.